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Do you have a weak jaw that has a low bone density? If so, then visit Jason M. Peterson, DDS for a bone grafting procedure. By applying grafting material to a jaw that has experienced bone loss, we can re-grow tissues and strengthen the bone. Here is some more information about a bone grafting procedure.

What Causes Jaw Bone Loss?

  • Periodontal disease: this condition deteriorates both the gum and bone tissue that surround and support teeth.
  • Tooth extractions: teeth that are removed from the mouth can no longer support the jaw bone, so it will shrink over time.
  • Oral cancer: This disease can destroy tissues in the maxillofacial areas, which includes the jaw bone.

What Is Bone Grafting Material Made From?

  • Bone marrow from your own body (this is the best option since is contains living cells that aid bone growth and healing).
  • Bone tissue from human cadavers or cows.
  • Synthetic materials.

How Is A Bone Graft Applied?

  • We inject a local anesthetic.
  • We make an incision to the gum tissue.
  • We screw in the graft to the affected bone tissues.
  • We suture the gums.
  • We remove the screws 6-9 months after the surgery.