For our patients with excess gum tissue covering up their teeth, we offer a simple and effective solution known as crown lengthening. The goal of crown lengthening is to reshape your gum line to expose more of your tooth’s crown, or the portion of the tooth not meant to be underneath the gums. Dr. Jason M. Peterson is able to use crown lengthening in Idaho Falls, Idaho, for both cosmetic and functional purposes. Our team generally uses crown lengthening to:

  • Improve what we call a “gummy” smile, where teeth appear unusually short
  • Reveal more tooth structure so we can properly fit a crown or bridge onto it
  • Repair breaks or chips that occur at or below the gum line

We use the greatest care and skill when performing crown lengthening, which can be completed in just one visit to our dental office. A basic surgical treatment, we gently remove and reshape your gum line until enough of the crown is exposed. Your gums are then cleaned and sealed together, often with the use of a protective putty to keep your gums safe and comfortable until they are healed. We will provide you with instructions and help throughout the healing process. For more information about how we can use crown lengthening to benefit your smile, please contact our periodontist today. We look forward to meeting all of your dental needs.