When advanced gum disease has infected your smile, you may experience bone loss in your jaw. This can cause many complications for your smile. Not only does can bone loss alter the way your face is shaped and how your face looks, but it also creates instability for teeth. Teeth often end up falling out because of bone loss. Bone loss can make it difficult for replacement options as well. Without enough bone structure, treatments such as dental implants cannot be utilized. To ensure there is enough bone in your jaw to support dental implants and improve your overall dental health, Dr. Jason M. Peterson, our periodontist, offers bone grafts.

A bone graft in Idaho Falls, Idaho, is the process by which we graft healthy bone tissue into your jaw. Bone grafts support the healthy growth of bone tissue so your smile can be stable and strong. We are able to use your natural bone, which is ideal, as well as synthetic or animal bone tissue. We will work together to determine what is best for your smile and to walk you through each step of the bone grafting process. For more information about this surgical treatment and how it can benefit your life, we invite you to contact our dental team today. We hope to make you more confident in the choices you make about your smile.