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The bone graft procedure was invented to strengthen a weak jaw bone. Most people get bone grafts because their jaw has been weakened over time due to tooth loss and will not successfully maintain a dental implant without a graft.

Thanks to modern technology, bone grafting is usually painless and minimally invasive. Our oral surgeon, Dr. Jason M. Peterson and his assistants will start with numbing the area with an anesthetic. Once you are completely numb, Dr. Jason M. Peterson will make a careful incision in your gums. Then he will meticulously apply bone graft material to the exposed bone. This special material contains added collagen and proteins to help your jawbone strengthen. It may come from another part of your body, such as your chin, or it may come from a cadaver. When the graft is done, Dr. Jason M. Peterson will suture your gum tissue closed.

Over time, new bone will absorb the graft and strengthen your jaw. This can take anywhere from three weeks to nine months depending on how weak your jawbone was and how much material needed to be grafted. After the area is fully strengthened, we will be able to place your dental implant.

Do you have queries about your upcoming bone graft? Or perhaps you are interested in possibly having such a procedure. Just call Jason M. Peterson, DDS in Idaho Falls, Idaho to book an appointment with our oral surgeon, Dr. Jason M. Peterson or simply talk to a member of our friendly staff. We’re here to help you and your smile!