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One of the major causes of tooth decay, tooth loss and cavities in adults, gum disease impacts about half of the Americans over the age of 30. So what is gum disease? Find out more about gum disease and what impacts it can have on you by reading on below.

Gum disease, also defined as periodontal disease and periodontitis, is an ailment of the gums caused by surplus amounts of bacterial acids swelling the pouches of gums around the teeth. Food leftovers and food remnants in the mouth attract bacterial phages which break the food down into bacterial acids, and these bacterial acids swell the gums. When the inflammation gets out of hand, your pearly whites can fall out. The bacterial acids are not good for your pearly whites either, and when they’re left alone, they can rupture the enamel layers of your teeth and rot away at the dentin layers, causing cavities. The best way to fight off gum disease is to brush your pearly whites twice a day and floss at least one time per day, and you should also see your dentist frequently.

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