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Advanced gum disease affects almost half of adults over age 30 in the United States. It can damage smiles and cause great discomfort.

Excellent and consistent oral hygiene habits are required to combat gum disease.Let’s review a few of them:

Brush: You must brush your teeth and gums for two minutes, twice a day. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush–using a hard-bristled toothbrush can damage your gum tissues and open them up for infection. DOn’t forget to gently brush your tongue!

Floss: It is extremely important to floss your teeth every day! Some people consider it not as important as brushing, but that is completely incorrect. Flossing cleans plaque from places your brush can’t reach, including between teeth and behind the back molars–both breeding grounds for bacteria that cause gum disease. It doesn’t matter if your brush first or floss first, as long as they both get done.

Schedule Regular Check-Ups: If you suspect that you have gum disease, see your doctor right away. The sooner you catch it, the sooner it can be treated, which makes it less likely to reach advanced stages. Be aware that sometimes you can have gum disease and not even realize it –this is a big reason why it is important to schedule (and keep!) regular appointments.

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