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Did you know there are many options to restore your smile? In fact, dental implants are one of the options to choose from and offer a long-lasting solution to the problem of your missing tooth. Our doctor, Dr. Jason M. Peterson in Idaho Falls, Idaho, understands dental implants and is happy to give you some basic intel on them to see if they are right for you.

Here is some necessary intel on dental implants:

-Dental implants in the final stage can appear natural, so no one will notice you have one.

-After the healing process of placing the dental implant, a dental crown can be used as a finishing touch to complete your look, which is customized to put over the implant and match your teeth looking natural for the years to come.

-Dental implants are an ideal long-term choice for replacing a lost tooth because they are surgically placed into your jaw and fuse with your natural bone creating a strong anchor for your new tooth.

-The dental implant is crafted from titanium, which is a very strong material and well-suited to the human body.

-Over the last 40 years, dental implants are one of the major advances in medical dentistry according to the American Dental Association thanks to their years of success.

Dental implants are a popular form of restoration that can restore your tooth and improve your smile. If you have questions about dental implants or wonder if they are ideal for you, then please call us today at 208.524.3400 to set up an appointment with a member of our with Jason M. Peterson, DDS staff. Our team is happy to hear from you and help you restore your tooth.