Gum Disease? We Can Help!

You’ve probably heard of gum disease, and you may even know what you should do to prevent the problem. For instance, you probably know that if you keep up your oral care, you’ll be much more likely to avoid gum disease altogether. However, as you probably know, gum disease can lead to a number of… Read more »

Pink in the Sink Is a Symptom of Gum Disease

A little pink in the sink when you brush your teeth is usually not a result of an aggressive tooth brushing technique. More often than not, this is a symptom telling you that gum disease has set into your mouth to some degree. Gingivitis is the earliest form of gum disease. It often results from… Read more »

How Crowns Improve your Smile

Chips, deep stains, old dental work and other imperfections on one or more of the teeth in your smile can leave you feeling self-conscious in many social situations. Many people wanting cosmetic restoration of their smile will reach out to to explore their options. If you have one or two teeth with visible imperfections, we… Read more »

Improving Jaw Structure with a Bone Graft

The bone structure of your jaw serves many purposes. One of its primary purposes is to anchor your teeth and provide healthy structure to support your gums. Unfortunately, things like advanced periodontal disease, multiple tooth extractions, and chronic issues with tooth decay can result in a reduction of healthy bone structure in your jaw. This… Read more »

What Is Crown Lengthening?

You have probably heard of the hazards of a receding gum line. If the gums are too low and reveal too much, teeth can decay and become infected. It is one of the main hazards of serious gum disease. But you might not know that having too much gum can also be problematic. While it… Read more »

Replacing a Lost Tooth with a Dental Implant

Dental implants have been used for the last twenty years to effectively replace a single missing tooth. If you have lost bone structure in your mouth as a result of severe tooth decay, advanced gum disease, or past extractions, your dentist will probably recommend bone graft surgery. This simple procedure will restore lost bone structure… Read more »

Structure in your Jaw Can Be Restored by a Bone Graft Procedure

Tooth extractions and advanced gum disease, can result in loss of bone structure in the part of your jaw that anchors your teeth. It’s not uncommon for a dentist to recommend a bone graft procedure before receiving a dental implant. The procedure restores enough structure to anchor the implant for a long time to come…. Read more »

Learning About Gum Disease

Have you heard about the scary and dangerous disease known as gum disease? If not, now is the time to learn all about it. Gum disease is a condition that slowly takes over your smile without any major or noticeable symptoms or warning signs. You need to be extremely careful with this disease because before… Read more »

A Few Quick Facts About Bone Grafting

Do you have a weak jaw that has a low bone density? If so, then visit for a bone grafting procedure. By applying grafting material to a jaw that has experienced bone loss, we can re-grow tissues and strengthen the bone. Here is some more information about a bone grafting procedure. What Causes Jaw Bone… Read more »

3 Facts about Gum Disease

With all of the diseases out there, we probably don’t associate any of them with our gums right? Well today, we are going to give you three facts about gum disease to show you why it’s important to practice good oral hygiene now to prevent the disease from happening to your gums. Gum disease is… Read more »